For advanced troubleshooting, it is often beneficial to look at the code actually being run on a specific webpage at the time an error occurred.  The following instructions should help "launch" the Developer Tools, also often available via the F12 function key.


For Internet Explorer-11

  1. Go to the webpage that you are having problems on.

  2. In the upper right hand corner of Internet Explorer,

    click on the “Tools” icon, then click on “Developer Tools” (you may also press the "F12" button on your keyboard.)

  3. You will see another window open up within IE. On the left portion of that screen, click on the “UP arrowhead" until
    you see the box with a "
    RIGHT arrowhead" icon.

  4.   Click on the "RIGHT arrowbox" icon.

  5. After you have opened the developer console on the page that is causing you problems,  

     click on the “refresh” button.

  6. Continued: After you click “Refresh” some text should appear in the developer console.  Right click the text and select “Copy All” option shown in the pop-up box.

  7. Reply to the request-email by pasting the console-text (now in the ClipBoard) into the "body" of the email - then Send.