Telephone Support (Live) is available when technicians are actually in the office (barring wind, sleet, snow, etc.) and phones will be answered by the first available technician. Technician will generate a new ticket, enter it into the queue, and try to resolve the issue while on the phone.

Voice-Mail Messages can also be left when no agents are available to answer calls. You may leave a brief message and agents will generate a new ticket and enter it into the queue when messages are retrieved from the Voice-Mail system (M-F only).

When calling or leaving a message please be sure to give your:

  • First and Last Name (please spell this out).
  • Email Address (please spell this out - all records are stored by this reference).
  • Name of the Product you are calling about.
  • Phone Number.
  • Brief description of the problem.
HELP Line: 513-699-6180

Telephone support is available 8:00am - 5:00pm EST, M-F (except holidays and a few WEATHER-RELATED exceptions listed in the Holiday Schedule).

Support queue is also periodically checked during off-time as well.

Note: See Holiday Schedule for exceptions.