There appears to be a specific problem with some Android devices, depending on the "flavor" of the Android OS the device came with.

While the Digital News APPs are written to comply with standard internet practices and coding, we cannot test every APP against the 100's of devices and variations of the Android operating system that are in the field.

We can only recommend that users of equipment that prove incompatible with the APPS, report this problem to the device manufacturer.

However, as long as the device offers a standard web browser and supports the Adobe Flash Player, the regular Digital News websites should be fully accessible and functional.

These devices will often save a user's email address with a "space" added at the end. Such a space will prevent most software from recognizing the email address or User-ID. If you paste the email address into a login window, watch for the "space" and simply backspace over it - the email address will then be "legal" and you should be able to login normally.

The following procedure has proven successful for some users:

Note: EACH step must be implemented in sequence shown

  • Settings > Applications > Application Manager
  • Browse to the app
  • Force Stop
  • Clear Data
  • Clear Cache
  • Uninstall the app
  • Re-download the app
  • Install the app
  • Login with UserName (NOT email address unless they are the same)
    • It may be necessary to make the UserName the same as the email address (sometimes, just making this change is enough to resolve the problem). 
      The device/OS apparently tries to apply some defaults (password) whenever it finds an email address as a login-field that has a matching “account” on the device – and the stored passwords may not match.